Taiwan Employment Gold Card

What is the Taiwan Employment Gold Card?

The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is part of the 〈Act for the
Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talent〉 ,
It is part of a more comprehensive government initiative to attract
highly-skilled foreign talent to Taiwan.

The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a 4-in-1 card, that includes
a resident visa, work permit, Alien Resident Certificate (ARC),
and re-entry permit, which allows you to leave and re-enter
Taiwan multiple times over the period of 1-3 years.


1.Work Permit: Allows cardholders to seek employment freely,
obtain employment at any time, work any part-time job legally,
and freely change jobs.

2.Resident Visa: Long-term visa which allows cardholders to stay
in Taiwan for more than 180 days.

3.Alien Resident Certificate: A physical ID card proving that you can
live in Taiwan legally.

4.Re-entry Permit: Allows unlimited entry and exit from Taiwan.

Introduction to Professional Fields

Science & Technology
Culture & Arts


* This card is an open work permit issued to employment-seeking
individuals that require neither pre-confirmed hiring by
nor application through any employer.

* Gold Card holders who work in Taiwan for the first time and
meet specified conditions are eligible to apply for a 50% tax
exemption on annual salary income exceeding NT$3 million
in the first 5 years.

* Eligible to apply for permanent residency after three years
(excluding Hong Kong and Macao residents).

* Obtaining a Doctorate Degree in the R.O.C counts towards one
of the three years that is needed.

* Employment Gold Card holders who are employed to engage
in professional work in Taiwan, or who are employers or
self-employed business owners in Taiwan, and their dependent
relatives, can directly join the National Health Insurance system
without having to wait six months for inclusion.

What is FAQ?

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