Employment Gold Card✔️ | 阿里山移民顧問
Employment Gold Card/ #Work Permit in Taiwan/#Job Search in Taiwan
Employment Gold Card/ #Work Permit in Taiwan/#Job Search in Taiwan
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Employment Card

Employment Gold Card✔️

Work Permit in Taiwan👍✔️

In order to attract talents from various countries to come to Taiwan, Taiwan has specially introduced some tax incentives. This is {employment gold card}, which is a combination of “work permit”, “residence visa”, “alien residence permit”, and “re-entry permit”. The four-in-one function welcomes professionals from all over the world to work in Taiwan. If you want to have a different direction for your life and experience a different way of life, Taiwan is definitely the best choice. As long as it is valid, you can freely find and change jobs in Taiwan, which is very convenient! As long as the monthly salary is as high as NT$160,000, you can apply for the Employment Gold Card if you are eligible. Whether you are employed or working from home, you can guarantee your residence in Taiwan with your family and enjoy tax incentives. After employment, you, your spouse, and your children can enroll in health insurance. I live for an average of 183 days per year within 3 years, and I can apply for a permanent residence permit. If you need more information and assistance, you are welcome to contact us.